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Automated Phone Numbers

For a sample demonstration, call 770.691.5322 and see for yourself!
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Why Automated Phone Numbers?

If you start to experience an increase in phone calls, it can take away a lot of your valuable time. The problem intensifies when you own a business, particularly with robo calls. Often times, the phone calls are similar in nature -- "What are your hours?", "Where are you located?", "Can I speak to someone in customer service?", etc.

Automated phone lines can not only answer your customers' questions, but they can also filter out robo calls! With sleignnet technologies, your automated phone number can be programmed to do call forwarding based on any criteria (time of day, department, etc), voice recording and voicemail systems, payment-by-phone, and more!

Can I Pick My Own Phone Number?

Sort of. You will be provided with a list of phone numbers to choose from. You are free to choose any number(s) on the list. I can provide you with phone numbers that are local to any location in the United States, and I can also provide you with toll-free phone numbers, if desired.

This Sounds Expensive. How Much Is It?

It's not. The monthly base fee is $50, and then it's only 2 cents per minute for a standard programmed line. For example, if your automated phone number uses 24 hours for the month (1,440 minutes) then your bill would be $78.80 - and if you're on the phone that much every month, you could really use some automation in your life!

Can I Block People?

Yup. If someone is harassing you, we can add 'em to the block list. They will never call you from that number again. If they call from a different number, you can add that one, too.

Do You Monitor Or Record Any Phone Calls?

Nope. No phone call is ever recorded, unless part of your need is to be able to record the conversation, or when the caller says something -- like a voice recorded approval for a credit card payment or to leave a voicemail. If this situation is encountered, the caller is always notified that they are about to be recorded. Otherwise, sleignnet technologies does not engage in any form of shady ethics like stealth recording, selling user data, or any other unwanted or immoral behavior.

How Long Does This Take To Get Setup?

Provided it's a fairly straight forward setup, you can be up and running in as little as 24 hours. For something on the more complicated side, maybe a couple days, depending on the complexity.

Can I Use My Existing Business Number?

I won't say yes, but I'm also not saying no. Honestly, I know you can port phone numbers over to become automated, but to what extent and how it's done I'm not sure. I've not yet moved any phone numbers. One day I will, because I like to tinker, but I've yet to come across the need to do it so I've not been motivated to do so, either. If you are interested in an automated number but want to use your existing number send me an email and let me know and I'll cut you a deal for being the first one I move :)