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If you're looking to have me work on one of your projects, there's several ways you can reach me:

  • Message Me!

    If you're on a device with a screen larger than 480px width, you can use the messenger in the lower right corner to send me an instant message. If I'm available, I will message back, otherwise the system will let you know I'm not around, and give you a link to
    *Note: I built this messenger, so it's programmed to send a text to my cellphone each time you send me a message through it :)
  • I typically respond pretty quickly to all emails.
  • I don't do a whole lot with this site, but if you're leary of doing business online with somoene outside your local area, oDesk seems like a good middle-man.
  • The "professional" Facebook. I am always looking to make new connections :)
  • I post on there once in awhile. If you use Facebook for all your communication methods, you can message me there.