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Hello! Welcome to sleignnet technologies!

Sleignnet Technologies, LLC, Web Design, Gillsville, GA

Now Offering Automated Phone Numbers!

Experienced. Affordable. Reliable.

I have worked in many different industries providing websites and custom applications for all walks of life since 1995. No matter if you're just starting out or your company has been around for a long time, you need a web presence. Without it, business will suffer. As your business continues to grow, so too, do your needs -- and the need for better customization in your software, website, and customer experiences. I can merge all 3 realms together for you in a simple, easy-to-use system that is programmed to do exactly what you need it to do.

What You Can Expect.

To begin, I only need a general idea of what you're looking for. I may ask some questions that expand on your ideas. After this, I'll be able to provide one or more solutions for you. Feel free to toss around ideas all you like during this time, as this part can be very exciting when you find out the power I can add to your business. There is no charge for consultations! Once we have a plan, development begins. You will be able to see your system being developed at various milestones, and be given the power to decide the inner workings of your system if you so choose. Either way, you'll be frequently updated about your system's development progress as things are completed.

Always Available After The Project.

Any project you hire me for, I am always available to add more to that project at a later date, update the code or its look, or anything else you may need - even if it's just questions.

Lasting Solutions That Take Care Of Themselves.

Few clients ever need anything after development has completed. I build automated systems that take care of themselves and can include (but not limited to) inventory management, order processing and fulfillment, reporting, and more. If a backend is needed, I provide customized control panels that are specific to your needs and designed in a way you, specifically, can understand the controls.

Software Is Only As Good As The Person Who Uses It - Can Understand It.

Make sure that you have the software you need to get your most important tasks done quickly, reliably, and in a way that makes you feel confident. Contact me today, and we'll talk about what you need from a website or application. Quotes are always free!

Hosting Plans Available!

I offer hosting plans when you purchase a website or application through me. This includes domains, SSL certificates, custom email (DKIM signatures available), and more.

**Please note**
You do not need a hosting plan if you only need an automated phone number!