Noteworthy Conceptual and Real World Projects

The following links below demonstrate some of my capabilities as a programmer —

Real World Projects

These are various examples of recent applications or websites I've built that are fully completed.



Free digital flashcards app to memorize vocabulary in any language.

This is a decentralized application (DApp) built on top of a blockchain framework called Blockstack.



See NASA, USGS, Weather.gov data on google maps & more!

This is another DApp I was tinkering with while playing around with a mobile-friendly framework called Framework7



This is a pretty straight forward example of a basic website.

Future add-ons could include user accounts, payment solutions, and more.

Conceptual Demonstrations

The point of the links below is to show proof-of-concept — that I have the skill to build the technology out. Therefore, not much time was spent on making these very pretty, and are limited in scope.


Realtime Chat

The use cases for realtime technology are many. Instant messengers & chatrooms to notifications & triggering events — realtime technology is becoming increasingly popular.

Follow the instructions to see this in action!



Geolocation is another popular technology. I've been working with geodata for almost 10 years, with concentrated efforts in Google Maps based app development.

For this to work properly, you must share your location.



Fun & interactive HTML5 canvas example with javascript.

This fun script demonstrates the ability for a user to manipulate the user interface (UI) and various processes at will, with event driven programming. Have fun!